Odyssey House :

Odyssey House is an innovative and modern community haven that promotes well-being and growth. The re-brand reflects the sense of journey that comes with the idea of an odyssey, to create an adaptable and unique design. Our approach aimed to incorporate fresh new ideas into a timeless design that is the face of a welcoming and

supportive organisation.

The design will provides a steadfast icon to a range of ages, reflecting the programs and resources of the Odyssey House organisation. We aimed to provide a solid brand identity, including the development of a logo and supporting pitch line. The brand identity would also include a fresh look at colour schemes and typography, with the idea of an Odyssey driving the direction for the design.


In addition to the re-brand we offer the refreshment of the Odyssey house website and supporting social media, along with the digital aspect of the designs we would work to include developed business cards and print material such as booklets

and leaflets.

Kophie + Team
Pamphlet, Website, Photography, Logo, Branding
Illustrator, Indesign, 

Email me at kophiehulsbosch@hotmail.co.nz

Or call on 0221375063

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