Rhythm & Poetry :

This project is based around Hip Hop – specifically rap music and its lyrics. The research I underwent showed hip-hop in a negative light mainly due to the mainstream media; painting hip hop as a style enveloped in drugs, money and women. To subvert the idea, I created a poetry book using lyrics from rap, laid out in a formal orderly fashion. This was to challenge the audiences perception; to read the lyrics without prejudice and judgment.


The title “Rhythm and Poetry” is the true meaning of the word rap and it also helps to enhance the formality of the document. The focal points throughout the book are punctuation used in poetry,with the exception of 16 and 32 which hints to the bars

in rap music. All my work is embossed by hand to show how true rhymes are constructed by hand and precision and it also shows how rap leaves its mark

on society.

Booklet, Typography, Poster
Illustrator, Indesign, 
Woodcut embossing

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