Untouched World :

The brief was to design a sculpture for the entrance of the Untouched World building. The sculpture needs to create intimacy with the street and have a ‘wow’ factor and be based on the current logo of a Maori Kite. They were keen to incorporate possibilities of wind power, material reuse and sustainability.​ 

The sculpture was to reflect the brand values of sophistication, premium lifestyle and design lead.​ It was also to include ideas of showing a connection between humankind and nature, an implied a soaring freedom of spirit and a wabi-sabi aesthetic.


  • The first fashion company to be recognized by the UN for sustainability.

  • Long lasting and low impact clothing.

  • Travelers are a big consumer of the products.

Sculture inspiration

  • Inspired by patterns occurring in nature such as the Punakaki Rocks, Fungi, Shist and Wood.

  • Key words are rotation, balance, visual interplay and layers.

Kophie + Team
Sculpture Design physical & digital model

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